But wait, it gets far worse ( oh, cm on acknowledge it, you like this !

But wait, it gets far worse ( oh, cm on acknowledge it, you like this !

Still Here .

It has been some time since my finally post, so if any individual remains looking over this blog site, I just should inform you we are lively and really in Eugene Oregon. The event decided not to do to big economically though we generated lots of connections that can ideally getting panning out into close opportunities for all of us soon. Such as a possible production felting concert for a shoemaker.

Thanks a lot for all your gives for desktop fixes. Our very own computers was solved as well as some type of computer store in medford Oregon in which it’s going to stay until we have 230 dollars to get it right back. The issue is that a lot of from the cash we had become generating ended up being from etsy and various other online selling, which we certainly want some type of computer to deal with. It’s a revolving home nightmare scenario, but our company is undertaking the far better stay posotive and keep our possibilities available.

At this time the audience is within lovely Eugene Oregon sticking with family on numerous pieces of secure and attempting to sort out our everyday life and finances. All of our email solution and internet site is turned off for falure to pay . For the time being to transmit an email you need,

I have a lot of wonderful photos, reports and feelings to share, but I will have to let it rest at this for the time being, as my personal library desktop opportunity are running-out and that I must go.


Since we are not certain to this region for reproductive or legal reasons ( about at the moment anyway) we’re once again absolve to travelling. Sadly, quite a few everything has changed since before I became pregnant that variations provide lots of challenging, though perhaps not insurmountable dilemmas.

For beginners we don’t has the veggie system. Secondly, the cost of bio diesel and all of different fuels for that matter, provides risen up to ghastly newer levels. That is all complex much more very by the addition of all of our previously mentioned Mercedes diesel. We obtained this once we erroneously thought we would be compromising for sometime . THAT consequently is furthermore difficult from the fact that we do not need a tow hitch nor the funds to purchase one.

The crisis from it all ..)! Not only can we not need adequate cash to order a pull hitch, but we do not have enough money to get both cars right up north where we can earn some revenue working a couple of initiatives.

After a few times of anxiety and misunderstandings we seated lower and believe items through slightly. We considered attempting to sell the automobile, this might make about 3-4000. However the vehicle will really come in handy at some of those isolated campsites we are planning to. Furthermore, when we carry out come across a home base of manner at any time soon, the car would again truly be useful. After convinced through all sorts of possibilities- we remaining not one out mind you, such as the progressively tempting one (Moss’s best)of investing all vehicles for a wagon and six mules- we chosen at least for the time being anyhow, keeping the automobile and park the bus at a friends residence for 14 days. We will then drive the vehicle up north where there is some initiative operate in Washington. After a few days Moss will take a greyhound down south, choose the shuttle up-and head north in which Sage and that I would be wishing, probably in resort. When this occurs we are into the stunning northwest area, land of many no-cost and cheaper campsites. Right here we’ll stay for some period, maybe longer taking care of stuff to create into Faerie Worlds event in July. It can make me sad that we need certainly to keep the bus, it is only going to become for around two weeks.

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