Flappy World

Flappy World is a very simple game where the user just ‘taps’ the screen to play. Continue tapping to carry the character through obstacles. The more obstacles you pass the higher you score will be. The user can try to earn a medal by passing a certain amount of obstacles.  25 obstacles is a bronze medal, 50 is a silver medal, and passing 100 obstacles earns you a gold medal. Flappy World is similar in a way to other games, but we found a way to make it more interesting.

To make Flappy World more enjoyable we added user creativity. In the settings menu the user is able to select 6 different ‘worlds’ and 6 different ‘characters’ for each world. The worlds vary from Candy Land to Space World. To make matters more interesting the game play in Space World and a world called Water World, gravity is not as strong making the character fall slower. Also Water World’s gravity pulls upward, giving the impression that the character is floating to the surface. We will let you discover the 6 different worlds and the 36 different characters.

If you are to frustrated and need a break or want to step up your game, you can easily change the difficulty. Just go to the settings menu and tap the button that reads either ‘EASY’ or ‘HARD’. Which ever mode the button reads is the mode you are on. We have also integrated a ‘highscores’ screen which enables the user to see their ‘highscore’ for every world and both difficulties. To find this screen tap the ‘star’ icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the main menu.

Enjoy the game of Flappy World, and try not to get lost in the adversity of the worlds within.

Click to install Flappy World

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