Here is are two imagery from an old Ajaha hi cap pair

Here is are two imagery from an old Ajaha hi cap pair

The cymbals are stamped with a a€?Ga€? throughout the edge of the underside like many outdated K Zildjians from Istanbul. Those cymbals outdated into the 1940s so shows this cymbal is fairly older.

The salesman stated yes a€“ but we afterwards learned it really is indeed a Ufip

The second couple of photo is an additional couple of hi caps presumably through the same time. It would appear that a€?X I? Ajaha a€z are handwritten on these cymbals.

There can be in fact a mature signature online at the same time. They states a€?Constantinoplea€? that has been the design with lots of cymbal suppliers in the early a portion of the century. When we can find an image of the stamp, we would posses an underlying cause for a fresh cymbal timeline complete with Old, Intermediate, and New Ajaha stamps. Any person attention to talk about a photo in the holy grail original Ajaha stamp?

I happened to be wondering in the event that you may help myself figure out what You will find, it has both Zenjian 1940s-1960s stamp also an Avedis Zildjian Co manufactured in USA stamp. There’s also a really faded trademark within the bell.

Do any person determine if the triangular UFIP stamp (the picture revealed at the top of this page) got actually ever created because of the circular a€?MADE IN ITALY’ ped 90 degrees to the left?

You will find a 15a€? 1380g cymbal stamped Mogars LANO that came with a Leedy & Ludwig equipment which I obtained found in the middle 60’s. It seems like a partial stamp that says Mogars MILANO. Additional cymbals had been trans-stamp Zildjians and a Zenjian so it’s most likely furthermore through the very early 50’s. Anybody observed they?

I got myself a 16a€? cymbal during the Connecticut Drum program last April. Tried it out and got it. Simply discover the UFIP marks and Est. 1847.

I have been making use of this as a collision and won’t spend the it for any amount of cash. I believe it absolutely was a fantastic get a hold of…

For genuine and honest answers to Roberto Spizzichino inquiries I, since the widow , have always been the only one authorised provide these details kindly ignore every other sounds” alt=”catholicmatch Zoeken”>.

I just bought a set of 14a€? Vibra Cymbals today at a store here in Oregon. They have been in excellent state. They don’t really say other things besides a€?Vibra Cymbalsa€? on it. Have you got any tip if these are generally more mature or even more present Zanchi cymbals? Thanks, Nelson

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I knew small about cymbals, chose people We enjoyed and asked if it got a Zildjian

Great info! But i do believe the picture of this tosco stamp isn’t of this Italian Tosco nevertheless the a lot later on Canadian department.

We have a 1,400 gram 15a€? cymbal with similar Ufip stamp as that on cymbal revealed right here as a€?purchased in 1958a€?. Its big but I prefer it my personal best hi hat. i have never read these types of an obvious bell sound such as this cymbal, despite having the clutch upon it. The hole try smaller compared to latest expectations; don’t assume all hi hat clutch meets it. Can there be ways to determine around what season it had been made? I’d be pleased to deliver a photograph of it (to where?) and thankful learn more about it. I purchased they at a pawn store in Ny for the 1980s while selecting a vintage Zildjian. .. as well as the a€?crown jewela€? of my cymbal ready. This great site is an excellent source I am also delighted that i am finally capable of seeing here another cymbal with similar stamp as on mine. Thanks, Yonatan

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