It another world, another day. Ah, she on suggestive form.

It another world, another day. Ah, she on suggestive form.

The guy watching their consume during their split time, and she consumes with this type of vigour which makes your pleased. Another opportunity, she will take off the woman heels (in the department store roof), and massages her thighs. Hoon Dong arrives barefoot, and puts their shoe on her behalf. When inquired about him, he puts on her behalf sneakers and tramples around. She laughs.the guy aegyos to the girl as he describes which he understands she here because she always goes to the roof.

As he vanishes, she cries, curious why he like that the actual fact that they contributed those occasions along. Hyun Hee joins the girl, telling her that she need discussed to his mom.

Cut to: Jang Mi dressed officially and carrying a cake on their doorstep. She do the volatile thing of walking to and fro, determining whether or not to go in. Merely next, an auto stops during the house, and an old girl asks their precisely why she at her house. Ah, this is exactly Hoon Dong mommy.

They’ve a complete discussion of miscommunication, for Jang Mi doesnt discover the lady as Hoon Dong mommy. Stated mom tells the lady she stalking the woman boy, telling the lady that at the very least their child allow her to down politely. HD mommy accuses the girl of being impolite. Tsk.

Gi Tae arrived here by now (they stay near one another?), and also as Jang Mi stalks down (in tears once again), she sees Gi Tae. She renders, though Gi Tae delivers the lady a glance, perhaps worried about the girl.

At his residence, his granny, mother, dad and aunt include awaiting a really belated Gi Tae to reach for lunch, but he doesnt appear, and his father heads off. Mom calls the house representative after-dinner. Uh-oh.

At a chicken shop, Jang Mi parents are having a wordless conversation about whenever she coming. She shows up to see they, and mom instantly bugs this lady about this lady marriage.

Just then, Jang Mi obtains a text message (omg, the ringtone from Secret landscaping!), that causes this lady to reach for a bottle of soju and chug they all the way down in one gulp. Ooh. This is certainly much.

She makes just after this, making the girl mothers mislead.

At French bistro, we see the message Hoon Dong taken to the woman.

No surprise she chugged that package down. The Third Legislation of Separating Politely: By Text. And dont we dislike your more.

Gi Tae relates to select your, informing him to split items right up cleanly with Jang Mi. Aw, you are worried about their. Se Ah eating on restaurant, and she looks back once again at him, eavesdropping on the discussion. Hoon Dong reassures Gi Tae, proclaiming that shell probably not come across him any longer.

Cue Jang Mi drunkenly pushing the door open. Ha. All eyes are on the lady. Yeo Reum, exactly who on the way serving a client some alcohol, gets near the woman to welcome this lady. Wrong timing hits once again, for she downs the beer (once more!), to Hoon Dong horror, and she heads straight for your, aiming the empty alcohol container at him.

He backs down and asks if she got their content. She removes their phone and recites the 3 traces. Ha. This causes everybody to roll her attention, because yes, they are aware simply how much of a jerk Hoon Dong are. Jang Mi really is practical inside her drunken logic, for she colleges your on their heartlessness.

The very first range past. Though you are grateful, everything history. 2nd provide. Though youre sorry, we’re still breaking up anyway. Third money for hard times. Never annoy me personally any longer.

Hoon Dong tries to snap at Gi Tae for assist, but Jang Mi tears up as she says to Hoon Dong which he made a fool from the lady. All of our woman yes atypical, for she says to him off for erasing their admiration background with a note. You go female!

But she enhances the alcohol bottle inside her rage, and Gi Tae holds the woman arm. Hoon Dong operates on bathroom and phone calls law enforcement. Whaaat?! At the same time, Gi Tae informs the girl that the on her behalf very own close he restraining their. But he lets the girl off whenever she concede that she pathetic the just that unlike them, she incapable of forget about this lady partnership coolly and politely. Its a sight observe, for she desperate within her very own way. She isnt marriage-crazy, neither is she man-crazy. This lady has liked, and is also coping with the shock that she adored men who is able to forget about the woman thus conveniently.

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