So she charges to the bathroom, ordering Hoon Dong to open the doorway.

So she charges to the bathroom, ordering Hoon Dong to open the doorway.

Gi Tae, whom tries to quit their, becomes struck on the nostrils. Ha, the guy legit damage this time around.

Hoon Dong release the doorway, however when she yanks they available, she views your cowering near the toilet pan in fear. That whenever she sobers right up, and realises that she cherished him by herself, unrequitedly, all of these whereas.

We move law enforcement place, where in fact the authorities try interrogating her on her stalking. She nevertheless tipsy as she answers that she didnt see Hoon Dong didnt like the woman. She constantly interrupted by a drunk ajusshi, just who ranting incomprehensibly. When she requires precisely why he here, law enforcement responds he was drunkenly molesting various other workplace workforce during lunch. Ha, mirrors.

Now Jang Mi pulls a parallel between herself and ajusshi, and she reduces in realisation (Im a stalker. ). HA. Just how adorable. Then again she insists that Hoon Dong mama did receive her into the girl household. She all whodunnit? that it is amusing.

We become Gi Tae shower world (A Nah. They a bathtub.). The guy thinks about Jang Mi, therefore we see some analepsis, for the guy tried to assist the girl on police place. The guy pleads law enforcement so that the girl off leniently, actually saying that the nose injury had been him accidentally injuring themselves.

His bathtime is actually disrupted as real estate representative comes showing the level to two women. One obviously eyeing your with glee. Ha.

Mother in fact withdrawn his lease deposit, and while the guy foretells the lady, he realises that she the one that invited Jang Mi on their household. Yes! Finally.

Thus had been back again to our first world, nevertheless now we see Gi Tae explaining. He succinctly describes that Hoon Dong never declined the lady initial, but always disappears as well as experimented with a text information separation. But the judge dismisses almost everything, and doesnt love the stalking. Ha. He probably seen adequate daily. But she nevertheless accountable for her drunken fit at French bistro, therefore he fines her 50000 won.

As she leaves the judge, she marvels how she will be able to like once more next union. She views the man of this lady lives Gi Tae though, in which he attracts the lady to their house, now advising the lady that she ended up being asked by their mama. Ooh.


And it showtime!

Much of this episode deals with Jang Mi stalking challenge, but perspective aside, i believe weve had gotten our characterisation arranged.

Jang Mi our very own passionate, she hell-bent on getting the girl admiration. Truly an admirable attribute, but she also exasperatingly heavy. This probably makes up this episode one hour length, with regards to would have been 1 moment if she wasnt dense. But, and I place however here since it is important, she a fascinating personality because she dense. Jang Mi perhaps not silly, she doesnt create logic-defying stuff. But because she couldnt have his peruvian mail order wife lame rejections, she appeared to be illogical.

However, we now have Gi Tae. He sharp, the guy abrasive, and more importantly, he becomes points. He acute. But yet he additionally an intimate. Think about it, he sympathises with the help of our heroine also during shower opportunity? She must consider a great deal on his head. So theyre maybe not polar opposites most likely. And they’ve got remarkable chemistry by the way, Han Groo and Yeon Woo Jin.

After which there Hoon Dong. Aw. Young Boy. The guy a player with very little brains, but Jang Mi flashbacks have indicated which he has actually center. The guy merely hasnt discover one that bring that cardio of their out on his arm. Blondie (as D1 calls him), Ill getting looking forward to your own redemption, aye?

Matrimony, maybe not relationships has already established a greatly successful earliest event. Leave simply expect that itll become that lovable cutesy yet tinged thereupon right amount of problems types of drama. You are, right, showcase?

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